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“Language is the road map of a culture.  It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.”



 Rita Mae Brown 

About Language Gateway, Marjorie Clifton - My Own Linguistic Adventure

Marjorie CliftonI have always loved languages and been acutely aware of the doors of opportunity they open. I studied French, German and Spanish at St Andrews University in the 80s, spending a year of that time working in Freiburg, Germany and a term at Grenoble University.

Upon graduating, I embarked on an IBM graduate training programme for three years before travelling around the world for just over a year, latterly in South America where my Spanish proved invaluable. On returning, I sought work using my language skills, getting a job firstly as a European trainer for a database company, then as Account Manager in Europe and Asia for and then moving into marketing where I worked as European Marketing Communications Manager for AP Dow Jones.

By this point I had met and married my husband, John, and I soon fell pregnant will our first daughter, at which point I decided to be a full-time Mum for a couple of years. By the time our second and third daughters came along I was already doing part-time language teaching and I soon undertook teacher training for the post-16 sector.

Before heading to Brittany, France, where we lived for a couple of years, I studied for a TESOL qualification, and spent much of my time in France giving French lessons to British people living there and English lessons to French, both individuals and also business professionals.

Since returning from France in 2010 I have continued to give online lessons part-time but I also did my PGCE for language teaching in secondary schools. I then worked (part-time) as an MFL (Modern Foreign Languages) teacher until the summer of 2016, when I decided I would rather build up my own business, offering a variety of lessons in both France and England, where I aspire to pass on my enthusiasm for languages and the many benefits they afford, both in the work-place and in our personal lives.  

I love the variety of teaching both adults and children, each of whom bring different facets into the “classroom”. Ultimately, of course, each student is an individual, with their own particular background, abilities, needs and desires.  My challenge, which I enjoy, is getting to know each person on an individual level, so that I can motivate them and help them to succeed in their language goals.

My Qualifications:
M.A IIi degree in French and German (Subsidiary Spanish and Computing)
Diploma in Marketing
Certificate in Education (for post-16 teaching)
Trinity College London TESOL (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages)
Post-Graduate Certificate in Education  (PGCE for MFL secondary teaching)


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