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“To have another language is to possess a second soul.” Charlemagne 




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Démarrant une carrière professionnelle à Londres, j'avais des acquis et un anglais raisonnablement acceptable.

Je souhaitais améliorer ma prononciation et la fluidité de mon anglais dans les échanges vocaux, notamment avec mes clients et partenaires anglophones. Marjorie a su, en 20h, m'aider à affiner ma grammaire, perfectionner ma prononciation et adapter la formulation de mon discours à la situation. Les exercices et leçons répondaient exactement à mon besoin, de sorte que chaque moment d'apprentissage amenait une progression.

J'espère pouvoir retravailler avec Marjorie à l'avenir, pourquoi pas pour l'apprentissage d'une autre langue.”

Nicolas Balzer, Londres

French for Business
“I have been studying with Marjorie for over 18 months now. Her energy and passion for teaching never fails to provide engaging & useful lesson content tailored to my needs, Importantly she has been very patient when I have come across various difficult topics which has been instrumental in my progression to date. I study French for Business and therefore the flexibility she offers me is a huge benefit when needing to fit lessons into a busy schedule.”

John Bradford, Farnham, Surrey

“I’ve been living and working in Germany for a few years now and have managed to teach myself vocabulary and phrases, to the extent that I’m happy I can understand every-day German and express myself sufficiently. However, what the lessons are giving me is the necessary grammatical framework with which to position my current knowledge and to pin additional knowledge onto. Suddenly it's all starting to make sense!

Marjorie has a wonderful ability to know exactly what type of training you need. The online learning is so simple and convenient. I am very happy with my progress and look forward to learning more!”

Trisha L, Kaiserslautern, Germany


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